Ventes flash

26.90 EUR
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Marble terrine with truffled duck liver (2% truffles) – 310 g
The marbled layers, foie gras and truffled stuffing result in a stunning presentation.
12.60 EUR
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Delight of wildflower honey with truffle 120 g
Wildflower honey truffle is delicious with any kind of cheese such as Pecorino.
12.50 EUR
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Summer truffle and mushroom sauce 180 g
Divine with red meat! 
109.00 EUR
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Jar of Extra white truffles, 18 g
Our selection of White Truffles! Whole, perfectly ripe white truffles with firm flesh and an exceptional aroma.
17.80 EUR
Dried saucisson with summer truffles, 380 g
A dry cured sausage, deliciously truffled with summer truffles, characterised by an intense and extremely aromatic flavour.