Plant truffier Tuber Aestivum de 1 an certifié INRA

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Plant truffier Tuber Aestivum de 1 an certifié INRALa Prochaine certification de l'INRA est prévue courant Septembre, les expéditions des commandes de plants reprendront à ce moment là.

Produce your own Aestivum truffles with our Agri-truffe / INRA certified truffle trees.*

Price per quantity : 
From   1 to   20 trees: 14.60 € each
                                     More than 180 trees: 12.10€ each 

Your success is ours! 

Our team devotes all its energies and expertise to perfect the quality of the mycorhizal truffle plant according to the INRA process (National Institute for Agricultural Research), an INRA licensed product. 

As soon as 1972, Agri-Truffe signed a partnership with the INRA, and research gave birth to the first truffle mycorhized plants. Through the years, the partnership has developed. Agri-Truffe brings its irreplaceable nurseryman expertise and know-how and the INRA its scientific progress. We list all our seeds and truffles origins before inoculating our plants. This means that there is a real traceability of each host plant/truffle. At the end of the production process, the Agri-Truffe plant will have been verified 10 times by our teams, and one last time by the INRA. Each certified plant gets a numbered label which guarantees its quality.

We only sell what we would plant ourselves! 

Available varieties: Holm oaks.

Order one truffle tree, then select the quantity of truffle trees for Aestivum truffles that you want to order (Tuber Aestivum), and mention your choice: Holm oaks.

2 year-old truffle trees, with Agri-Truffe/INRA certification, delivered in pot of 425 cm3.

Each truffle trees order will be delivered with 
planting instructions.