Soil amendment for truffle growing: Ecochaux 5 kg

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Soil amendment for truffle growing: Ecochaux 5 kg
Area of application: to be used in truffle beds which have a low or average lime content (1 to 10%) and on the truffle burn of isolated truffle-producing trees or in truffle groves. 

Technical advantages: boosts root development, by improving the structure of heavy soils. Stimulates the microbiological activity of the soil, which contributes to the development of organic matter. Creates the conditions for a C:N ratio favourable to truffles (8 to 12). In soils with low lime content, supplements can encourage the decline of Tuber Brumale (musky winter truffle) in favour of Tuber Melanosporum (black truffle).

Use: Add ground limestone amendment every year to control acidity levels and to aerate the soil. Some truffle growers observe that a lime supplement of 1 to 2 tonnes per hectare every 1 to 2 years provides the physical-chemical and biological conditions favourable to the fructification of the Tuber Melanosporum black truffle (black Périgord truffle). In isolated truffle beds, this would mean a supplement of 2.5 kg of lime (or around 3 litres of powder) on 10m² truffle burn.

It is recommended to add lime supplement when tilling the soil, generally in March and April, but it can also be simply spread over the ground at any time of the year.

Manufactured in accordance with a quality system which complies with ISO 9002.