Mushroom aroma with a hint of black truffle 115 ml

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Mushroom aroma with a hint of black truffle 115 ml
  1. Natural truffle aroma, designed especially for catering professionals. 
    For use in the production of foodstuffs.

    This unique product adds a delicate touch to omelettes, boiled eggs, purees, pasta, potatoes and all mild-flavoured foods. Cook the truffle very gently, on a low heat and for not too long to avoid spoiling its flavour and enhance its fragrance with our black truffle aroma. This highly concentrated aroma is simply intended to bring out the flavour of the food. 

    Mushroom aroma with a hint of truffle, to improve your sweet recipes (creams, ice creams, mousses, etc.) or savoury creations (sauces, vinaigrettes, creams, soups, purees, etc.).
    Widely used in the catering trade for a number of years, this aroma will save you time and bring added creativity and consistency to all your creations. 
    Natural aroma (meaning that all the ingredients of this aroma are natural). 

    Use: you can use it according to taste in the same way as you would add salt to a sauce: add a few drops of aroma, taste and add more as necessary.
    If you prefer a more methodical measurement, the average dose is 0.5% (5 g per kilogram or 5 ml per litre of preparation).
    Each bottle comes with a dropper and a 5 ml graduated measurer. 

    Cooking: increase the dosage according to the duration and intensity of the cooking. For example: a cake cooked in the oven will need twice the dose of a dessert cream.
    Storage: store at room temperature and away from light. 
    Packaging: 115 ml bottle. .