Micro jet sprinkler

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Micro jet sprinkler
Fully-equipped micro sprinkler.

-360 degree watering.
-Average flow 105 litres per hour, 2 bar pressure.
-Equipped with an opening, closing and flow rate control valve.
-Supple 60 cm hose with a connection piece to insert into the polypropylene hose connected to the mains supply, diameter 16 to 25 mm
-Comes with a 33 cm support stake to insert into the ground.

Easy to install in just a few seconds. Position one or two sprinklers per truffle tree seedling depending on the height of the seedling and the diameter of the truffle burn.

Flow litres / hour:  74    90   105   117   129   139
Bar                   1   1.5   2    2.5    3    3.5