Gourmet Gift Box

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Gourmet Gift Box
All our best gourmet delights in one gift box, to savour the truffle from the starter through to the dessert.

- Jar 1stchoice black truffles 25 g (Tuber Melanosporum) 
- Truffled duck liver pâté (3% truffles) - 50% block of duck foie gras 130 g 
- Black truffle-flavoured olive oil 250 ml 
- Black truffle-flavoured balsamic vinegar 100 ml 
- Black truffle-flavoured chocolates 80 g 
- Red St Emilion Grand Pey Lescours 1995 75 cl 

Use: Create your gourmet meal with this selection of the most popular specialities. Create your truffle salad with a vinaigrette made from truffle-flavoured oil and vinegar, and decorate with slices of truffle. Prepare the whole black truffles in a truffle omelette or pasta with truffles and serve with the red St Emilion Grand Pey Lescours 1995. Finish off the meal with the delicious black truffle-flavoured chocolates.