Fresh summer truffles 100g - Tuber Aestivum

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Fresh summer truffles 100g - Tuber Aestivum
Available from May to August. 

Discover its freshness, its crunching, and its pleasant perfume of under wood and forest mushroom. The full and delicate taste of the fresh summer truffles is always appreciated by every fine gourmet. 

Use: excellent row (sliced on buttered and salted toasts, sprinkled with a little bit of truffle aroma olive oil). Avoid cooking it too much to preserve its flavours. Delicious in omelettes, salads, on toasts, in all meat or fish sauces (add it only 5mn before serving)...

Conditioning: after a rigorous selection, our fresh truffles are brushed and hand washed as soon as they are harvested. To ensure you an optimum freshness they are vacuum packed and sent with freez pack during their transport, for an express delivery in the world.

Transport: for a delivery outside of France, fresh truffles have to be sent with EXPRESS transport only. A normal delivery will not be quick enough to deliver you fresh truffles.