Fresh black truffles 100g - Tuber Melanosporum

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139.00 EUR
Fresh black truffles 100g - Tuber Melanosporum  Discover the exceptional fresh black truffle.
The season is in full swing. The truffles harvested every day are now beautifully marbled and of a remarkable quality.

Fragrant and crisp, the fresh black truffle is known as the "black diamond of French gastronomy” for its unrivalled flavour. Its imposing perfume is complex and rustic while at the same time subtle, powerful and extraordinarily persistent.

A touch of creativity and the intense aroma of this truffle are guaranteed to make your gourmet meal truly unique.

Use: raw or cooked, it is the perfect addition to a wide variety of recipes. 

Packaging: after rigorous selection, our fresh truffles are brushed and washed by hand as soon as they are harvested. To guarantee you optimal freshness and their safe transport, they are vacuum-packed and placed along with ice packs in an isothermal pouch, for express delivery within 24 hours.