Delicatessen Gift Set

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Delicatessen Gift Set
Prepare magnificent and succulent truffle toasts, and serve them with a truffle aperitif.

- Jar of first choice black truffles 25 g (Tuber Melanosporum) 
- Olive oil with black truffle aroma 250 ml 
- Salt perfumed with summer truffles 100 g 
- Spirit drink, truffle juice and truffle aroma 1.8% 37.5 cl 

Prepare delicious truffle toasts: toast fresh bread and sprinkle over thin strips of truffles, drizzle some truffle-flavoured olive oil and add a pinch of truffle salt. Toasts with an extraordinary flavour!

Serve accompanied with the truffle aperitif, sublime as a pure aperitif, or in a kir royal (1/3 aperitif, 2/3 champagne cocktail).