Black & White Duo

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Black & White Duo

Savour the black Périgord truffle and the white truffle from Piedmont, with this duo of truffles and truffle-flavoured chocolates.

- Jar Extra white truffles 18 g (Tuber Magnatum)
- Jar Extra black truffles 25 g (Tuber Melanosporum)
- White truffle-flavoured chocolates 75 g
- Black truffle-flavoured chocolates 75 g

Use: Prepare a meal to discover the flavours and aromas of the black Périgord truffle and the white Piedmont truffle. Prepare a course with the finesse of the white truffle followed by a dish with the intense flavour of the black truffle and end on a sweet note with the black truffle and white truffle chocolates. Two gems of gastronomy in the same gift box!