Black truffle aperitif 50cl

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Black truffle aperitif 50cl
Truffle aperitif is served at the most prestigious tables!

White wine flavoured with the black Périgord truffle.

The aperitif served at the most prestigious tables! It exudes the truffle’s authentic, penetrating and subtle flavour and is the perfect accompaniment to foie gras, for example served on small toasts for the aperitif.

Use: sublime as a pure aperitif, superb as a kir royal (1/3 aperitif, 2/3 champagne cocktail) to accompany foie gras (with truffles) or an appetiser, ideal for deglazing certain meat dishes (chicken, turkey and other poultry), enhancing flavour (mushroom soup, vegetable puree or risotto) and adding aroma to desserts (chocolate cakes, crème brûlée, custard). The sugar which it contains lightly caramelises the sauce and enhances the dish while adding a certain fragrance.

Suggestions: to add aroma to scallops, accompany a carpaccio of salmon. Savour with walnuts, or a blue cheese, Roquefort or Bleu d'Auvergne.

Ingredients: wine-based aperitif, water, alcohol 16% volume, sugar, natural flavouring.