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Educatruffe: Truffle dog training 115 ml

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Educatruffe: Truffle dog training 115 ml
Educatruffe 115 ml bottle, delivered with a user guide.

New formula:
- More product: 115 ml
- Easy-to-open resealable top to help it keep for longer.
- Easy-to-use measuring top and dropper dispenser spout.
- The concentrated scent remains effective longer meaning less product is required.

Dogs are now generally used for truffle hunting. Educatruffe’s new formula can help you train your dog and to regularly repeat the training throughout the year to improve its ability to hunt for truffles.

With Educatruffe, it takes just a few days to train your dog. All dogs can be trained to hunt for truffles whatever their breed or age.

Ingredients: sunflower vegetable oil, aromatic substances, aromatic preparation.

Shelf life: 6 months. Store in the refrigerator to help preserve the truffle aromas.