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Gourmet baskets

132.50 EUR
Gourmet Gift Box
Wonderful gourmet gift box. Savour the truffle from starter to dessert.

74.00 EUR
Al-truffle Gift Set
Selection of the most popular specialities to prepare an "all-truffle" meal.

199.00 EUR
Black & White Duo
Perfect partners.
Savour the best black Périgord truffle and the exceptional white truffle from Piedmont.
65.00 EUR
Truffle Duo
Festive aperitif: 1 black truffle aperitif and 1 whole duck foie gras with truffles (5% truffle)
44.50 EUR
Truffled Fantasy
Red and black cardboard basket containing a variety of truffle specialities.
89.50 EUR
Truffle hunter’s basket Authentic model
The complete basket for truffle hunters. Harvest and carry your truffles without damaging them.

115.70 EUR
Gourmet Treasures
The pleasure of giving a selection of truffles and high-quality truffle specialities.

49.50 EUR
Block of truffled duck foie gras (3% truffles) – 200 g and its slicer
Foie gras and its slicer for cutting perfect thin slices each time.
33.50 EUR
Gift set
The ideal gift for discovering the black truffle through a delicious meal.

95.50 EUR
Delicatessen Gift Set
Prepare succulent truffle toasts, to serve with a truffle aperitif.
47.50 EUR
Foie gras discovery gift set 130 g
Truffle foie gras with its foie gras wire cutter for easy slicing.
39.50 EUR
Foie gras discovery gift set 90 g
Truffle foie gras with its foie gras wire cutter for easy slicing.