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Truffle specialities

12.50 EUR
White truffle pasta Tagliatelle 250g

Egg pasta with white truffles, are perfect combined with butter, grated parmesan cheese and shavings of white truffle.
7.90 EUR
Parmesan Cheese with White Spring Truffle Speciality 80 g

To optimally exploit the qualities of the product, you should use a quantity of 40-45 g of cream per person, causing warming to liquefy in the pan for 1 minute with water from the pasta.
11.90 EUR
Truffle fondue 170g

The truffle fondue is an original starter for a refined, elegant meal. The product is ready to use and you can prepare it like a traditional fondue, warming the cream and bathe the squares of toasted bread.
10.80 EUR
White Truffle Butter 75 gr

La truffe blanche  trouve une place  toute destinée dans cette crème et apporte une richesse aromatique à la douceur du beurre.
9.50 EUR
Summer Truffle Butter 75 g

To make the very most of the product, it is recommended to use 20 g of it per person. It is ideal as a sauce for crostini , stuffings and appetisers, first and main courses, omelettes, and as a basis for all truffle dishes.
11.00 EUR
Black truffle risotto 170 g
This black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) risotto is an extravagant star of Italian cuisine.
12.50 EUR
Rice with black truffles 200 g
Savour the great Italian tradition of truffle risottos. Unique and sublime rice accompanied with Tuber Melanosporum black truffles.
9.20 EUR
Potato puree with black truffles 75 g
Delight your taste buds with the truffle aromas and the texture of this traditional puree.
9.00 EUR
Black truffle butter 45 g - 3% truffles
A smooth, refined recipe for this delicious truffle Echiré butter.
12.50 EUR
White truffle butter 45 g - 3% truffles

Available only during the season of fresh truffles from Alba: November, December, and January.

11.00 EUR
Cheese fondue with Bianchetti truffle 100 g
One of the world’s oldest recipes which has become so emblematic of culinary tradition.
9.50 EUR
Tagliatelle with truffles 250 g
An innovative speciality born of the symbiosis of pasta and the summer truffle.
15.00 EUR
Black truffle cheese 200 to 250 g
For use in a variety of recipes: pasta, risotto, imaginative salads, etc.
12.00 EUR
Cream of olives and almonds with truffles 90 g
Irresistible and imaginative cream of olives, almonds and truffles from Umbria.
12.90 EUR
Cream of cep mushrooms with white truffles 80 g
An imaginative cream of cep mushrooms and Magnatum Pico white truffles.
14.50 EUR
Cassolette of snails with truffle butter (around 2 dozen)
Snails cooked in truffle butter, to be gently reheated in the oven.
9.50 EUR
Tortellini with summer truffles 250 g
Our favourite: tasty tortellini with Tuber Aestivum summer truffles. An absolute must.
28.90 EUR
Truffle sausages with 5% truffles, 4 pieces of 125g each
Prepare these delicious sausages with a truffle sauce: a delight !