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Truffle specialities

9.90 EUR
Black truffle risotto 170 g
This black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) risotto is an extravagant star of Italian cuisine.
11.00 EUR
Rice with black truffles 200 g
Savour the great Italian tradition of truffle risottos. Unique and sublime rice accompanied with Tuber Melanosporum black truffles.
8.90 EUR
Potato puree with black truffles 75 g
Delight your taste buds with the truffle aromas and the texture of this traditional puree.
9.00 EUR
Black truffle butter 45 g - 3% truffles
A smooth, refined recipe for this delicious truffle Echiré butter.
12.00 EUR
White truffle butter 45 g - 3% truffles

Available only during the season of fresh truffles from Alba: November, December, and January.

10.50 EUR
Cheese fondue with Bianchetti truffle 100 g
One of the world’s oldest recipes which has become so emblematic of culinary tradition.
9.50 EUR
Tagliatelle with truffles 250 g
An innovative speciality born of the symbiosis of pasta and the summer truffle.
14.00 EUR
Black truffle cheese 200 to 250 g
For use in a variety of recipes: pasta, risotto, imaginative salads, etc.
11.50 EUR
Cream of olives and almonds with truffles 90 g
Irresistible and imaginative cream of olives, almonds and truffles from Umbria.
12.00 EUR
Cream of cep mushrooms with white truffles 80 g
An imaginative cream of cep mushrooms and Magnatum Pico white truffles.
13.00 EUR
Cassolette of snails with truffle butter (around 2 dozen)
Snails cooked in truffle butter, to be gently reheated in the oven.
8.90 EUR
Tortellini with summer truffles 250 g
Our favourite: tasty tortellini with Tuber Aestivum summer truffles. An absolute must.
28.90 EUR
Truffle sausages with 5% truffles, 4 pieces of 125g each
Prepare these delicious sausages with a truffle sauce: a delight !