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Truffle specialities

24.00 EUR
Truffle perlage 50g
It looks exactly like Caviar, but it taste like truffle.

9.00 EUR
Black truffles butter - 3% black truffles
On a grilled meat, on toasts for the aperitif, with fresh pastas, potatoes.
12.00 EUR
White truffles butter - 3% white truffles
Discover the garlic perfume from the Italian truffle, as rare as exceptional.
10.50 EUR
Truffle cheese fondue 100g
The possible uses for these fondue are almost limitless...
9.50 EUR
Truffle tagliatelle 250g
The pleasant and light sensation of the truffle will exite your palates.
14.00 EUR
Black truffle cheese 200 / 250g
Only cheese in the world which uses the rarest, most prized black truffle.
11.50 EUR
Olive and almond cream with truffles 90g
Letting your imagination run wild is one of the subtle pleasures in life.
12.00 EUR
Boletus cream with white truffles 80g
The intense aroma of the white truffle with boletus.
11.00 EUR
Snails with truffle butter
About two dozens of Burgundy snails in a truffle butter sauce...
8.90 EUR
Summer truffles tortellinis 250g
Our selection : delicious tortellinis with summer truffles.
25.90 EUR
Truffle sausages with 5% truffles, 4 pieces of 125g each
Prepare these delicious sausages with a truffle sauce: a delight !