Trufficulture accessories

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Educatruffe: Truffle dog training 115 ml
All dogs can be trained to hunt for truffles.
With Educatruffe, it takes just a few days.

Comes with a user guide!
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Essential accessory to manage your watering.
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Mercury-free min/max thermometer.
Displays current minimum and maximum temperatures.
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Canitruf (truffle dog training) 80ml
Only a few days are necessary ! Canitruf is delivered with a little leaflet.
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Truffle pick – Authentic model
Truffle pick, essential for the pleasure of harvesting truffles. Authentic model.

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Truffle pick – Rustic model
Truffle pick, essential for the pleasure of harvesting truffles. Rustic model, untreated oak handle.

The essential tool for harvesting your truffles.

72.00 EUR
Foldable 3 position truffle pick – Genuine model
The genuine professional tool to help you harvest your truffles without damaging them.
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Micronet protective netting
Protective sleeve for truffle tree seedlings.

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Safe-tube mini-greenhouse
Mini-greenhouse to protect truffle tree seedlings.

The Safe-tube sleeves provide excellent protection for the young seedlings.
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Steel stake (10 units)
Steel stake for the Safe-tube and Micronet
(10 units)
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Soil amendment for truffle growing: Ecochaux 5 kg
A lime supplement is recommended to provide the best conditions for the production of black truffles.
Ground limestone amendment 54% calcium.
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Tuber Melanosporum black truffle spores, 1 litre substrate
Boost your black truffle production and add Tuber Melanosporum spores to your truffle tree seedlings.

24.00 EUR
Vaporised ORGANIC truffle growing substrate (40 L bag)
Exclusive truffle growing compost for the intensive production of Tuber Melanosporum black truffles.

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PH meter
An essential measuring tool. Instant reading of the ground’s pH and humidity levels.
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Micro jet sprinkler
360° sprinklers for truffle tree seedlings