Many truffles varieties exists, but only one particularly stands out: the Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini, nammed in gastronomy the "French cuisine Black Diamond".

"It's the most capricious, the most revered of the black princesses..."

With a shape less or more rounded, it can attain the size of an apple, but the most often weighs around 60g. Its skin presents pyramidal scales which go through reddish to black at maturity. Its flesh of firm consistence, is purplish-black at maturity, mottled of thin white veins, very branched out that redden at the air and darken at cooking time. It has a strong and captivating perfume.

Its period of maturity goes from the 1st of December to the 31st of March. The "Melanosporum" is also commonly named the "Black Truffle of Périgord", simple botanical appellation that doesn't prejudge of its geographical origine. It's somewhat misleading, because this sort is also very spread in Spain and Italy. In total, its about 75 tons of black truffles that are harvested every year.

The truffle is rare, its appearance conditions still mysterious. Find it is equivalent to bring a treasure to light; the one who discover it despite all the know-how he has displayed for its search, knows the nature makes him a sumptuous present, and consents to offer him one of its secret residence. For the good cooks, a beautiful basket of truffles, it's like a fantastic booster, that broadens and amplifies the tastes register. An instrument of exception, even if, at the height of the season, some great tables pass several pounds per day.

This raw material out of the ordinary fits naturally in with games, noble fishes, some