Fit in with the wine is not one of the least pleasure of the truffle tasting.

Elegant and refined food, with fine and sensitive savors, but which can be strong and which need to be shown at advantage and not dominated, the truffle must be accompanied with wines that support its personnality and transcend it without crushing it. The truffle is a sufferer food, but over all aromatic, that inundates of its smells the preparations with wich it is associated until impregnating the all plate and marking it with its noble signature. The wine is therefore the only partner of this omnipresent truffle. To establish a dialog between truffle and wine, dialog of reason or knowing dialog, modern banter or love subject, the sommelier will be able to choose between cousinage or contrast.

The truffle loves to flirt with the wine, but with each one of its preparations will correspond a different vineyard. Begin with a white wine, either that the truffle comes with a fish in sauce, either it inaugurate the meal. A famous Bourgogne, Meursault or Puligny-Montrachet, that we will choose dense, ropy and voluminous, will be a delicious accomplice with its aromas concentrated and full of ancestry, its vigor and its big keeping in mouth. We will choose them very old, with a note of evolution and a little bit of oxidization that will give it some complexity to the mariage. A white Hermitage can also reach the top et combine its flavors of marsanne, its nut aromas, its body and its big length. For the red wines, the choice can play on the range aromas related to those of the truffle, aromas of underwood, of mushrooms, of dead leaf, and propose mariages with some Cahors of more than five years, rustic and tasty, with soil tastes.