Safe-tube mini-greenhouse

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	Safe-tube mini-greenhouseThe Safe-tubes are sold without metal stakes (sold separately).

The tube is made of beige polypropylene (blends in with the surroundings) which allows the light to pass through for the proper development of the truffle tree seedling. It encourages growth and thereby a quicker establishment of the seedling while limiting the need for pruning in the first few years. Prevents the drying up of the soil thanks to the 20 to 30 cm mound of earth at the base and creates favourable climatic conditions.

Protection: protects effectively against various rodents, rabbits, hares, etc.

Watering: Simple and economical to water. Two to three litres of water poured directly into the Safe Tube are sufficient because the water is concentrated on the root system as the mound of earth prevents the water from running off at the sides.

Installation: extremely rigid and resistant, it is quick and easy to install. Unroll the Safe Tube, thread the metal stake (sold separately) through the perforations and plant the stake into the ground. Earth up the mini greenhouse with soil taken from the immediate surroundings forming a mound of 20 to 30 cm.

Use: unroll lengthways for a Safe Tube 11 cm diameter x 50 cm high.
       unroll widthways for a Safe Tube 10 or 14 cm diameter x 35 cm high. 
       The Safe Tube adapts to the growth of the tree.
Protection for truffle tree seedlings.